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the jazz festival for all


3rd edition

The SWING'in VENASQUE festival is the result of a real desire to make jazz accessible to as many people as possible, to promote it and to showcase local talents.

By creating real moments of sharing between the public and the musicians, the festival participates in the radiance of Venasque and more widely of the Comtat Venaissin.

The place of the baptistery of Venasque has become the heart of the festival, where the sound has a soul and where new meetings of passionate musicians are proposed.

Swing is the main theme of the program, bringing together musicians from the Provencal, national, and international scenes.


By presenting a wide range of music and a real artistic quality, SWING'in VENASQUE becomes an expected and soon an essential cultural event.

An eco-friendly festival

SWING'in VENASQUE is committed to a sustainable development and has implemented a number of actions with an environmental, economic and social dimension.

Who are we ?

SWING'in VENASQUE was born from a cultural association of "public interest" with a musical purpose called, La MAM, which acronym is based on the famous proverb "La Musique Adoucit les Moeurs"  ("Music soothes the soul").

Born in January 2020, this project has long matured in the minds of Charles and Marie-Françoise Prévost, its two founders. Settled in Venasque since 2014, they have always had the will to "live local, contribute to the attractiveness of the village and to the link between the inhabitants" by sharing their passion for music and for Jazz, which is at the heart of Charles' profession.

Very quickly, they were joined by two lovers of Venasque, and music, Catherine Bossard and Philippe Pasdelou, shortly after by Françoise Serin, who completes the office.

To achieve its ambition, SWING'in VENASQUE relies on La MAM and its team of volunteers.

The Team


Marie-Francoise PREVOST


Project Manager




Artistic Director




Communication &

 sponsorship Manager

Françoise SERIN secrétaire.png

Françoise SERIN


Logistics & 

Catering Manager

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